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Tampa Bay Florida Property Closing

real-estate-closingDuring a Greater Tampa Bay Florida home closing, both buyer and seller are required to sign many documents. A critical precaution to take before buying a home in Tampa Bay Florida is to have an attorney, who specializes in real estate law, check the papers.

Greater Tampa Bay Real Estate Closing Documentation

The following is a list and a brief explanation of most of the documents that will cross tables in the closing:

  • HUD Statement: detailed itemization of the financial aspects of the transaction. Contains real estate and loan costs as well as tax proration, homeowner’s dues, and insurance. Signed by buyer and seller
  • Deed: transfers title of the property from the seller to buyer. Signed by the seller
  • Note: states the borrowing terms. It is the agreement between the buyer and lender. In effect, it is an IOU. Signed by the buyer
  • Mortgage: shows a lien is placed on the property and that the lender may foreclose if the borrower fails to make payments. Signed by the buyer
  • Regulation Z/Truth in Lending Statement: discloses the amount financed, interest rate, the annual interest rate and the total cost of the loan over its life. Signed by the buyer
  • Financed Itemization: explains the prepaid finance costs that are subtracted from the total loan amount which is on the Truth in Lending statement. Signed by the buyer
  • Payment Letter: shows the monthly payment. Signed by the buyer
  • Termite Report and Survey: copy of the termite report and the survey are signed to assure they have been seen by the buyer. Signed by the buyer
  • Lender’s Title Insurance Notice: informs the buyer that the lender’s title insurance protects only the lender. Signed by the buyer
  • Anti-coercion Form: requires buyers to state they have not been pressured to buy hazard insurance from a particular company. Signed by the buyer
  • Proration Agreements: states the buyer and seller will re-prorate the taxes and homeowner’s dues if there is a change in these amounts. Signed by the buyer and seller
  • Buyer’s Affidavit: states the information on the loan application is still true and correct. Signed by the buyer
  • Seller’s Affidavit: requires the seller to state he/she has not altered the property in any way that might cloud the title. Signed by the seller
  • Payoff Confirmation: report of where money is being paid in order to satisfy and redeem liens against the property. Signed by the seller
  • FIRPTA Document: advises the buyer that if the seller is a foreigner and leaves the country without paying income taxes due because of the transaction, the buyer is liable. Signed by the buyer
  • Compliance Agreement: mutual agreement requiring buyer and seller to cooperate, sign and correct any unintentional typographical errors on any of the closing documents. Signed by buyer and seller

Buying a home in Greater Tampa Bay Florida is a complicated process that involves many steps and having a Greater Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Advisor will allow for a much smoother and more efficient transaction.

The steps to buying a home in the Greater Tampa Bay Florida also include:

  1. Obtaining a Home Loan
  2. Choosing the Right Home
  3. Negotiating the Deal
  4. Home Inspection

It is our privilege to represent you as a Trusted Greater Tampa Bay Real Estate Advisor. We have received specialized training, and extensive educational courses, to help navigate and inform you through the entire home buying process.

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