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Dade City, Florida is a popular tourist city found in Pasco County. Many people are drawn to this city because of its antique stores, restaurants, and beautifully crafted architecture. Another reason Dade City is popular is due to the kumquat fruit. Dade City is affectionately known as the “kumquat capital of the United States”. Trees of this citrus fruit can be found naturally in the city’s surrounding area. The city holds an Annual Kumquat Festival to celebrate each year.

Dade City Single Family Homes for Sale

kumquat_festival-300x273Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Hugh Embry Library, Pasco County Courthouse, and Edwinola. While the first two are common features of any city, these buildings feature an architectural beauty that is unique to Dade City. The Edwinola is a hotel that was created in 1912. Visitors also note its beautiful design. The Edwinola is still in business, after over 100 years in operation.

Dade City is located within the Tampa Bay area. As of the 2010 population census, the city recorded 6,437 inhabitants. This is up by 9.9 percent from 2000, where Dade City had 6,188 people living in the city. Contrast these figures to the year 1990, when Dade City recorded 5,633 in its population count. Between the year 1990 and 2000, there was a 14.4 percent increase. It is estimated that the population was 6,750 as of 2014, giving the city a 4.9 percent increase over the 2010 census.

The only year that Dade City saw a decrease in population was 1970. The numbers recorded in 1970 hit 4,241 in population, down 10.9 percent from the previous census. In that year, 1960, the city recorded its largest ever population increase, so it is likely that this plays a role in the decrease. Between 1950 and 1960, the city’s population increased by 58.3 percent. The numbers went from 3,006 in 1950 to 4,759 in 1960.

Regarding the 2000 census, the 6,188 inhabitants were broken down into 2,399 households. The total number of families in Dade City were listed at 1,460. The city’s population density was recorded at 1,885.3 people per square mile. Out of the 2,818 housing units in Dade City, there were about 860 houses per square mile.

The population can be broken down further into age groups. Within the 2,399 households in Dade City, 29.4 percent had children living in them that were under the age of 18. The percent of married couples living in Dade City was at 39.3 percent of the households. Within 18 percent of these households, there was a single mother as the head of the household, with no male parent present. Non-families constituted 39.1 percent of the population in Dade City, while 34.5 percent of these households featured an individual living alone. The percent of people living in Dade City above the age of 65 was at 18.5 percent. The average Dade City, Florida family is comprised of 3.15 members, whereas the average size of the household is 2.43 persons living together.

Children under the age of 18 made up 26.3 percent of the total Dade City population. The number of people living in Dade City between 18 and 24 years old was at 9.5 percent of the population. Individuals of ages between 25 and 44 made up 25.4 percent of the population, while ages 45 to 64 were at 19.2 percent. The average age of a Dade City inhabitant was 37 years old as of the 2000 census information.

The ratio of males to females shows that males are outnumbered in Dade City, Florida. For every 100 females over the age of 18, Dade City has only 79.6 of males.

As far as racial make-up, Dade City features an assortment of ethnic backgrounds. The percentage of Caucasians living in Dade City is at 64.9 percent. African-Americans make up 24.16 percent of the population. The remaining numbers include 0.39 percent Native Americans, 0.6 percent Asian, 0.05 percent Pacific Islander, and 8.1 percent of people who label themselves as different races than the categories mentioned above. Hispanic or Latino people of any race constituted 15.76 percent of Dade City’s population as of the 2000 census.

As far as economics are concerned, the average annual salary for Dade City households was at $27,115 each year. For families, the median income was listed at $31,148 for the year. The city had a listed per capita income of $15,675 annually.

Overall, Dade City, Florida is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions and a lively community. The city is broken down into diverse categories of age, race, and economic standing making it an ideal city to call home.

If you’re in the market to buy real estate in Dade City Florida or thinking about relocating to Dade City Florida, you’ll find many residential options to choose from.

Dade City Single Family Homes for Sale

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