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New Pasco Neighborhood: Estancia at Wiregrass

New Pasco Neighborhood: Estancia at Wiregrass

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Wiregrass Ranch in Pasco may have had humble beginnings, but the Porter family, who has owned the land since the 1930’s, has made sure that its recent build-up will be well thought out and organized. The 5,000 acre site has garnered attention throughout the years, and now homes will finally be available for purchase. A small development named “Estancia” will feature a Mediterranean architecture style, with gated and non-gated neighborhoods.

Wiregrass is starting to act on its long-term plans, and once completed, it will be the largest mixed-use complex in the Tampa Bay Area. The plan consists of adding more housing, multi-family units, and commercial and office spaces.

Experts predict that over the years, Wiregrass Ranch will include 10,000 homes and over 5,000 multi-family units. All of these include access to a hospital, college, restaurants, and stores. 3 public schools neighbor the property, giving it a large appeal to families.

Standard Pacific, a home construction company from Orange County, purchased part of the Wiregrass Ranch property in January to build almost 1,200 homes. The project was in its infancy and didn’t have a name yet.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the name would be Estancia at Wiregrass, and that homes would be available by the end of the year in Wesley Chapel.

Now we know more about the plans and some homes are already available for purchase. Estancia will include 4 neighborhoods, 3 of those will be gated. Each neighborhood is centered around a clubhouse, which will be built in the same style as the homes. Clubhouses will have fitness rooms, tennis and basketball courts, and a pool.

Estancia’s aesthetic appeal will be different to the existing neighborhoods in the area, and even proposed developments. Designers are hoping to draw attention to their Tuscan style as an affordable option to similar neighborhoods.

Estimates show that Standard Pacific will pay $44 million in restructuring and property expenses to get the land ready for construction.  That $44 million price tag does not include any homes.

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